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21 Days of Prayer


21 Days of Prayer


From the beginning of One Chapel, we have made it a priority to seek God in prayer. We do this together as a church at the beginning of the year because it's symbolically a new season and culturally where we reflect, set goals, and get to the gym. As a local church we also want to really concentrate on 21 Days of Prayer. Not just as something to start the new year, but because 21 days is what sociologists and scientists say is the minimum it takes to form a habit. We're working at the beginning of this year to form a habit and becoming people that pray and reading the scriptures not just in January, but everyday. 

1.     Pray and read your Bible daily

  •  We'll have a daily prayer focus at One Chapel’s Facebook live at 7am (join us or find a time during the day to watch the video)
  •  Download the “ReadScripture” App for The Bible Project daily reading (we have more resources on the Bible project below)

2.     Prayer-walk your neighborhood

  • Without a prayer gathering we want to encourage each other to prayer walk the greater Austin region
  • Post as Instagram selfie (and share it on other social media) with your location and the hashtag #onechapelprays.

3.     Worship together on Wednesdays – 7pm

  • January 11 at Kyle
  • January 18 at Lake Travis
  • January 25 at Austin

We're encouraging everyone in our church to "fast" in some form during the 21 Days Of Prayer. There are many types of fasts that you can do, but if you're not sure you can start by fasting on Wednesdays and joining us that night for our prayer and worship services.  Also, if you've never fasted, or if you have questions about fasting, you can simply click or Fasting Guide below.

Intro to The Bible Project

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