Church is about more than Sunday mornings. It's about the community, the family, we make together. It's us sharing meals together, strengthening and caring for each other, and inviting those around us into a relationship with Christ. That's why we do Groups. So join us! Click the button for your community below to see the groups happening for this Fall semester.


We are looking for group leaders for the FALL 2017. One Chapel groups meet across the greater Austin area on a variety of topics. We have men's groups, singles groups, family groups, and groups that search across Austin for the best queso.  Group leaders are some of the people who truly help build community at One Chapel. If you would like to lead a group you can begin your journey by clicking the button below and filling out the group leader information form.

All group leaders need to fill out a Team One application. If you've never filled out a Team One Application, you can do that simply by clicking on the button below and visiting our Team One page.