Last summer we had Supper For 6* (or 7, or 8, or 9...) and it was a lot of fun. The idea is we simply want to create more places where people are sharing their lives and their stories over food. It doesn’t have to be supper; you can have BACKYARD BBQ’sPICNICS in the PARKBREAKFAST BURRITOS, or even COFFEE CHATS. There is no end to the culinary creativity or the type of GROUP you want to share life with: men’s, women’s, singles, young adults, marrieds, families… let your creativity run wild. 

If you're interested in leading a group then fill out an the form and let us know a little bit about your group by clicking the button below. 


Spring groups 2017

Groups are one of the foundational places where community is created at One Chapel. They meet throughout the greater Austin area, on nearly any day of the week, on a variety of topics. 

There are groups that meet with all kinds of people, like young professionals, families, men's, women's, with all sorts of interests like book clubs, queso aficionados, outdoor enthusiasts... you get the idea. Every group is committed to welcoming you into meaningful conversation and helping you move from wherever you are to where God wants you to be. So take a few moments, click the buttons below, and discover the Group that is right for you. 

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If you're interested in leading a Group, we're always looking for new leaders. Group leaders are some of the people who truly help community at our local church. If you would like to lead a group you can begin by filling out a group information form.

All group leaders need to fill out a Team One application. If you've never filled out a Team One Application, you can do that simply by clicking on the button below and visiting our Team One page.