Jesus said that He would build His church and He commanded us to make disciples. We believe that is a mandate for every believer so we are engaged in disciple making here in our city and around the world. Below are missionaries and organizations that we support and participate with in accomplishing the Great Commission. 


These missionaries are currently in training or are serving in either Mexico or Nicaragua. 
ONEchapel partners with Mountain Gateway to recruit, train, place and pastor missionaries in countries all over the world.
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Britt & Audrey Hancock
Children: Aspen, David

Britt and Audrey, the founders of Mountain Gateway, got married in 1988 and have been doing full time ministry together since 1989. They are incredibly in love with each other and Jesus.

Britt, Audrey, and their four children, Hannah, Aspen, Jacob and David, lived in Paraguay, went to language school in  Guatemala, and then lived full time in Mexico from 1997-- 2012.  They now have a home at the  Mountain Gateway headquarters in Dripping Springs, Texas, as well as maintaining a home in Mexico.

Tim Anguiano

Since I stepped foot in Mexico, I’ve gotten to see God at work. I get to witness people giving their lives over to Jesus on a regular basis. 

Turns out, the “missions” life can be a little treacherous at times. From eating cow brain and rotten chicken, to being cold, wet, and tired, the thing that keeps me going is that I know I am being obedient to Jesus.  Through submission to God, he’s always working out the details. The devil comes at me on a daily basis. Emotionally, spiritually, and even physically to the point of not being able to get out of bed. I continually strive daily to be a living sacrifice to my King. 

Living here I’ve come to understand something about the gospel. Making disciples isn’t about the multitude, it’s about the individual. Jesus didn’t say “Go and make multitudes.” He said, “Go and make disciples.” That happens on a one on one basis. I have been given an amazing opportunity to disciple people and help them grow in their walk with God.  I leave my country to go to an exotic place and hope that somehow I can reach the people. Turns out, they’re reaching me. 

Garrett & Alicia Gildea
Children: Bodhi, Eden

Garrett and Alicia met at New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2000 and married in June of 2003. They always knew they had a place in the world of missions and embarked on that journey with their children, Bodhi & Eden, in 2011 with Mountain Gateway. 

After a year of state-side training and 8 months of Spanish language school in Antigua, Guatemala, the Gildea family serves in Nicaragua. 

Jacob & Cassie Hancock

Our story begins Labor Day weekend 2009 when a friendship was born that would completely change our lives. We began dating with every intention of marriage and on August 2, 2014 we became one. It was a powerful service as we said our vows and joined together in a covenant of marriage.

Our heart is to follow Jesus wherever He leads us and to advance the Gospel all over the world. God has called us to full time ministry with Mountain Gateway. Our next steps are to go to Guatemala for language school, then to join in the 2015 Mountain Gateway Training to better prepare us for the calling on our lives to bring the Gospel to the nations.

Jeffrey & Mary Beth Meyer

We met at a Spanish school in Guatemala. How the Lord brought us together in a world so far from our own amazes us. It also shows how God takes care of those who say “yes!”, and follow Him. It encourages us to know that if we’re in the center of God’s will, that He will bless us in ways that we could never imagine. Seeing how God has worked in our lives so far has given us a lot of excitement to see what He has in store for us in the future!

Our next step is going back to where we first met in Guatemala for Mary Beth to learn Spanish. After completion, we’ll be joining up in Mexico with the other Mountain Gateway missionaries who are currently there to spread to good news of Jesus Christ.

Brad & Jenny Nelson

Brad and Jenny met while on a visit to the work in Mexico and fell in love. Recently married in early January 2015, they both have a heart to see the indigenous people of Mexico born again.

After graduating bible school in 1999 and language school in 2000, Brad served in the mountains of central Mexico preaching, teaching and helping start new churches. After some time in central Mexico he moved down farther south to one of the least reached places in Mexico. He went into villages where no Gospel had been established and evangelized these areas. 

Jenny began training with Mountain Gateway spring of 2012 and graduated from language school summer of 2013, always with the intention of moving to latin America to help establish the Gospel in hard to reach areas. She has been serving as the Mountain Gateway administrator since January 2014.

Brad and Jenny's vision is to return to Mexico in the fall of 2015 and reach the people that don't have the Gospel in the rigid, rugged mountains of Mexico.

Alex & Brittney Rossie

Alex and Brittney met on the mission field in Antigua, Guatemala in October 2011.  They continued to serve the Lord separately on the mission fields in Mexico, South East Asia, and East Africa for a year. They reconnected in October 2012 and they were married in October 2013. 

The Rossies are now being further trained and equipped through Mountain Gateway to have the tools necessary to share and establish the Gospel in remote regions with unreached people groups.  

Victor Skaggs

I was adopted from Peru and have always had a desire to return and free my people. I was blessed in being adopted into a God-following family who truly knew what it meant to seek God with everything they had. I grew up going to New Life Church in Colorado Springs where the highlight of my summers was attending the Desperation Conferences.  

It was one summer while I was attending this conference that I decided that I truly wanted to be a missionary. God revealed to me that I was to be like Moses, to eventually return to the place of my birth and set my people free from the bondage that enveloped them. I had no idea what this looked like, or even how to start such a process. I just waited, prayed, and had faith that all would work out because it was in God’s hands. 

After weighing many missions and training options after high school, God had me go to college. I had no idea what I wanted to major in until God opened the door to major in Communications. I can honestly say I understood how Moses must have felt. I hated speaking publicly and often kept to myself. But God had a plan for me, and rather then wanting someone else to be my voice, I decided to follow Jesus and received my B.A. in Communications. Through this experience I have learned to trust God, and he has prepared me for my future. I am now a pioneer missionary, and what is more helpful then being able to communicate efficiently? 

I cannot wait until the day that God calls me back to my birthplace, but until then I will continue to seek his face and trust in Him. God has a plan for all of us, and I encourage everyone to never lose faith despite the difficulties and the unknown.  



Alpha Relief
Worldwide Persecuted Church

Alpha Relief mobilizes and educates the global Body of Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in countries where Christians are persecuted.

Isidor & Eva Bajic
Children: Lydia, Tami 

Isidor & Eva are nationals who pastor a church in Senta, Serbia. Less than 1% of Serbians are Christians. This is the only Spirit-filled Church in their town. Their vision is to see more people in Serbia come to know Christ. They are training people to Senta to develop relationships and disciple others, leading them to an authentic relationship with Christ. Isidor is a full time pastor and Eva teaches Serbian language to students in their Hungarian speaking town. They enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends in the backyard. 

Jeff & Sylvia Duncan
Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Children: Mackenzie 

Jeff and Sylvia are passionate about building a local church focused on the simplicity of the scriptures for everyday living and the power of an intimate relationship with a loving God.

he Duncans established Iglesia Arbol De Vida (Tree of Life Church) in the heart of Central Mexico in November of 2010. They have been focused on strengthening families, discipleship, leadership development, small groups, compassionate outreach, as well as training and equipping others for the work of the ministry.

In 2013, they started Rhema Bible Institute, a ministry training center where they are training future Pastors, leaders, missionaries, and ministry leaders to do the work of the ministry. From planting churches, working in the local church, or going into “all the world”, leaders are being trained to fulfill the great commission.

In January of 2015, the Duncans established the non-profit foundation in Mexico, The Family Life Center, El Centro de Vida Familiar, where they have been working with families in need, the poor, orphans and widows, and special needs kids. This has enabled them to work with the Welfare Department of the state of Guanajuato (DIF) to help provide food, classes and programs targeting families at risk, kids living on the streets, orphans, and teenagers; helping them to break free from the cycle of violence, gangs, drugs, and poverty that continues to destroy families in Central Mexico.

They believe in taking the church outside it’s four walls to truly be a Tree of Life, an Arbol De Vida, to a lost and hurting world.

Jacob & Noelle Goodlin
Children: Aaron, Caleb

Jacob loves the outdoors and hates mice.  Cambodian weather doesn't bother him too much because the summer is his favorite season.  He loves doing anything and everything with his beautiful wife, Noelle, and their kids; drinking coffee; editing photos; and hanging out with close friends and family.

Noelle is thankful to be a part of what God is doing in Cambodia. She loves being a mommy, making up silly stories for the kids, and riding in tuk tuks. She doesn’t love Cambodian heat but she loves Cambodia and knows God called her here so that makes the sweating worth it. Every day  her dream of raising a family overseas is coming true! 

April 2015 marks their fifth year in Cambodia. They love it. There have been challenges, but living overseas is a blessing and serving the Lord alongside internationals and Cambodians is something we find great joy and fulfillment in. 

Steven & Linda Todd
AFMIN (Africa Ministries Network)

Steven served as a pastor for more than 20 years and has worked in missions since 1999. That experience serves him well as he travels between the U.S. and Africa to teach at AFMIN's Training Institutes. He also develops and writes training curricula, and is currently directing the training efforts in Congolese refugee camps in Western Tanzania.

Steven teaches as a professor at the Kings University and is also a guest preacher in American churches. He is married to Linda and they have three grown children.

Windows International
Beverly Pegues, President

Window International Network (WIN) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 to continue the international outreach segment of the Christian Information Network.

Our vision is to see sustained, strategic, and informed prayer transforming unreached people for Christ in the 10/40 Window.

Our mission is to inform, equip, and mobilize networks of prayer around the globe to empower effective evangelism, church growth, and discipleship in the 10/40 Window.



Association of Related Churches
Greg Surratt, President

ARC is an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.



Apartment Life
Hector and Katie Luevano 

Apartment Life is a faith-based, non-profit organization that is motivated by the belief that every individual is created for genuine community.

The Apartment Life CARES Program redefines the resident experience through relationships with a focus on increasing resident retention, enhancing online reputation, and improving resident satisfaction. CARES helps clients achieve their goals because relationships with residents aren't just good for the community; they're good for business, too.

We strategically place each CARES Team into an apartment community to live onsite and partner with the management team to build community and serve residents by doing things that flow naturally out of the Christian lifestyle, including welcoming new residents, planning monthly social events, and CARE-ing for residents and property staff in times of need. Our CARES Teams are organized event planners who are passionate about serving others. They’re the life of the party and the heartbeat of the community. They intentionally seek out ways to show people they CARE.

Campus Renewal
Jeremy Story, Co-Founder, CEO

The mission of Campus Renewal is to create and catalyze united movements that transform college campuses for Christ.  By bringing students, campus ministries, and local churches together in prayer and evangelism, we strengthen the influence of the Body of Christ on campus.

South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center
Lore Cottone, Executive Director

SAPRC exists to save unborn babies, share the gospel and provide support to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies.

Our center offers compassionate, personal assistance without judgment.Our vision is to build meaningful relationships with women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy while providing for both their physical and spiritual needs.

The South Austin Pregnancy Resource Center opened on August of 2009. We have known from the beginning that this ministry is God ordained, and since then we have seen a steady increase in the number of clients we serve.

We have been abundantly blessed to be given more and more opportunities to offer compassion and real hope to moms, grandmas, dads and future parents that find themselves in tough situations.

You can help us with a commitment to pray for and support our center. We need volunteers to work as client advocates, resource organizers, clerical assistants, church liaisons, educators, etc..

Additionally, our free services are made possible by the generosity of our financial contributors. The SAPRC does not receive government funds and will openly share the Good News of Jesus Christ at every opportunity. Our work is 100% funded by God's provision through our gracious donors. You can be sure that your tax deductible contribution will impact eternity; please see the donate page.

We invite you to join us in our mission and thank you in advance for your partnership.