Connect Group Leaders,

In the six weeks ahead, we have a remarkable opportunity to see God change the lives of people. This is why we all do what we do! It is not often we have this opportunity to get below the surface and deal with some of the issues that life brings along.

You may be feeling that you are not equipped to deal with these things, but, we will provide you with the tools and support you need to meet whatever challenges you may face in your group. Of course, your Connect Group coach and the pastoral team are available to help. We encourage you to spend extra time with Jesus during the coming weeks. It will sharpen your spiritual senses and help you to be available to the Holy Spirit to share with your group.

Obviously, not everyone needs a "makeover", however, we all need to live free and be reminded of how to interact with people in our own world, to lead them to Jesus and help them be free of the bondages and entanglements they may have. This is exactly why this series is going to be so helpful to the entire congregation at ONEchapel.

Below is where you will find the documents you will need for the next six weeks. Pray over them; add your own personality to the Discussion Guide and dive in with encouragement and faith. It will be great!