BIBLE in One Year

Welcome to the Bible in One Year, a guide for those desiring to read through the entire Bible in one year. We make a commitment to read through the Bible as a church family each year. We believe that God’s Word is alive and powerful. There are a variety of reading plans to choose from. We've gathered three options below with a brief description of each. Whatever reading plan you choose, we invite you to join us. Enjoy.


Bible in One Year

All of One Chapel is participating in this reading plan together. It features daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms & Proverbs. Each portion of Scripture also features commentary from Nikki & Pippa Gumbel.




Use the most popular Bible app to subscribe to daily Bible readings. Simply open the app, navigate to "Plans" and search for "The One Year Bible". You can also click here to read online.

Read Scripture

This reading plan from the creators of The Bible Project includes integrated videos to provide context of each book of the Bible and explain the spiritual concepts found throughout.

If you prefer a paper version of the reading plan, you can download the English and Spanish versions with the links below.