Welcome to the One Chapel Mom's Hub!

This is the inaugural post for the One Chapel Mom Blog and we are so glad you are here.  Our hope is that this hub will be a place where One Chapel Moms can come to plug in and connect with other moms and at the same time be encouraged, inspired, and supported.  Our heart, first and foremost, is that every mom that visits the hub leaves knowing they are not only dearly loved by God and their One Chapel family, but there is a band of moms that are here for her.

We know the importance of banding together as we forge through the mission field of motherhood.  No matter the season, whether an expecting mama or an empty-nester, we need each other.  Our God ordained ministry as moms is so important in the Kingdom of God and on our world today.  How we pour into our families and raise up our children directly impacts and shapes the culture of future generations which, in turn, makes an eternal impact that is far beyond what we can comprehend.  The One Chapel Mom Tribe is most certainly made up of a beautifully unique group of mamas from different seasons of motherhood and stages of faith.  And, our prayer is that within our uniqueness we are unified in Christ Jesus.  It is essential, because no matter what we tack on to our Mom Badge - working mom, single mom, at-home mom, hot mess mom, etc. - we are culture creators and influencers in our world.  But, as moms, the reality is we don't always feel that way.  And, truth be told, we often wear the crown of mom guilt and fight thoughts that we aren't doing much right all.  So, you bet we need each other to spur one another on in Christ like iron sharpening iron, to love on each other, and to encourage one another.  And, to just have each others back practically and in prayer.

Our desire is that a culture is created among One Chapel moms where we pursue God passionately, we are fervent prayer warriors, and have lots of laughs and good times while we do life together.  We want every mom to feel like she can be her authentic self because she is surrounded by a Godly sisterhood that loves her well and is quick to pray for her and won't be shy to whisper to her that her blouse is inside out.  So, we hope you will frequent the Mom Hub to find ways to connect with other moms, be encouraged by other moms through the Mom Blog, and to reach out to the ministry team if you need support or prayer.  Our prayer today is that as moms we will live fully and rest in knowing that the Lord is our strength and our shield and that we can trust Him in all our ways with all of our heart.  And, that we will embrace His love and His help for us that our hearts would be filled with joy and our spirit overflow with praise and thanksgiving.  (Psalm 28:7)

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.
— Psalm 28:7 NIV

Welcome to the One Chapel Mom Tribe!  You are dearly loved.