NEXT: Discover purpose
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Find Freedom /// Discover Purpose /// MakE a Difference

Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair, and sit down at Stouthaus Coffee for a conversation with Pastor Ross. That's the idea of Next. You can hear about some of the core beliefs, scriptures, and philosophies at the heart of One Chapel from the comfort of wherever you're sitting right now. 

Our second conversation revolves around what it means to Discover Purpose

God has made each of us with a purpose. Discovering it is one of the most powerful experiences you’ll ever have as a Christian. Today you can embark on a journey of discovering how God made you, how he wired you, and how he wants to partner with you in restoring the people and the world we live in. Watch the video below and then take a few moments to fill out the form and so our team can follow up with you. After you've finished the video and filled out the form you can go to our next step MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

1)  watch the videO  2) FILL OUT THE FORM 3) HEAR FROM OUR TEAM

Now that you've finished the video you can take the DISC TEST. This a great way to discovered how you're wired and some of your key strengths. Once you've done that you can move on to NEXT: Make A Difference. 

In the next video, we'll dive into how your unique gifts give you the opportunity to have an impact