The journey of a Christian often begins when we first Experience God. It's also important along your journey to Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and learn how to Make a Difference in the lives of others. This is what we're called to do as we become disciples of Jesus. We've learned it's easy to get stuck. This is why we have NEXT.


Find Freedom

Freedom is not simply getting rid of something in our lives—like selfishness, mistakes, or wounds from our past.  If we end up focusing too much on our problems, habits, or past failures, they actually become the focus of our lives.  What if  freedom has more to do with God’s presence in your life, than trying to rid yourself of something?

Discover Purpose

God has made each of us with a purpose. Discovering it is one of the most powerful experiences you’ll ever have as a Christian. Today you can embark on a journey of discovering how God made you, how he wired you, and how he wants to partner with you in restoring the people and the world we live in.

Make a Difference

Nothing seems to satisfy the human soul like making a difference in the life of another. For the Christian, it is part of our purpose to collaborate with God to make a difference in the world. The good news is that God does all of the heavy lifting here. We are simply responding to his desires and direction with willingness and faith.


Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair, and enjoy your virtual trip to Stouthaus Coffee for a conversation with Pastor Ross. That's the idea of NEXT.  You can hear about some of the core beliefs, scriptures, and philosophies at the heart of One Chapel from the comfort of wherever you're sitting right now.