ONEchapel Family and Friends,

It was one short year ago that we moved into the Westlake Performing Arts Center as a weekend venue for ONEchapel. It’s our third venue in three years and God has led us, and moved with us wherever we have gathered. He has been so faithful!

Here are a few highlights:

  • 135 people have filled out Connection Cards committing their lives to Christ this year.
  • 69 people chose to be water baptized.
  • 109 Connect Groups were launched through out the year.
  • 310 people attended our 10-week Disciple Circle Training.
  • 158 people became official new members.
  • 140 people joined Team ONE to serve ONEchapel.
  • 45 different family and organizational entities were served through Love Austin. 

With all of this in mind, I am really excited about how God is leading us into 2014.

Last Sunday, I announced that we would be moving to our Monterey Oaks campus for Sunday worship on February 2, 2014 with three services at 9am 10:45am and 12:30pm

The ONEchapel leadership team has been praying in anticipation of 2014 and asking the Lord for His direction. During our first two years we saw God doing incredible things, and the result was a steep growth curve resulting in about 1,100 in Sunday attendance. This past year we’ve seen the growth appear in the depth of relationships and spiritual maturity among our congregation. We grew deeper but not necessarily wider. We’re learning more about leadership, community, and spiritual growth as an authentic mission-minded church, and now we’re focusing our energies on the next season for ONEchapel. Here is the primary reason for our move.

We want to be more strategic in stewarding our finances in 2014. This year we have grown in the number of givers and in more consistent giving. Our finances are strong. However, we want to position ourselves for the future with more savings toward a permanent home for ONEchapel, or to prepare for the potential of starting Sunday morning communities in South Austin or Dripping Springs. We are currently leasing two venues, but we need to let go of one in order to keep moving forward with other priorities, vision, and ministry. We are convinced that this change will enable us to be more strategic with what God has given us.

Remember, buildings don’t carry vision, people do. I’ve been fond of saying “We make secular places sacred.” Whether it’s a movie theater, commercial office building, a school, a cave, or a cathedral—God dwells in us as we worship together and as we go out into the world to share life and light. A building does not make us a church. We are simply a group of people called together by God to influence others. We will keep taking the gospel into different parts of the city, taking risks, and stretching our faith; and we can do that in any kind of facility where God gives us the provision and opportunity.

So, we’re going to pull together as a family and squeeze into Monterey Oaks now, for the sake of what God wants to do in our future. Plus, we get to take coffee into the auditorium! I’m really looking forward to that!

I believe the best is yet to come; and it’s already been pretty good so far!

Loving this adventure with you.


Monterey Oaks at 9:00, 10:45 and 12:30 this Sunday, February 2nd.