One Chapel is a family of neighborhood churches in Austin, Kyle, and Lake Travis.

In early 2010, Ross and Aimee Parsley moved to Austin with a launch team of 50 people and a dream to plant One Chapel. We come from humble beginnings, holding worship services in hotel ballrooms and strategic planning sessions in classrooms of other churches. And people began to join the team.

In September of 2010, we held our very first service in a movie theater and over 300 people joined us. Our church family had begun. We continued meeting in that theater, worshipping next door to blockbuster showings and taking offerings in popcorn buckets. People started skipping movies and coming to church.

Over the next five years, we met in a few different locations. There were good seasons and tough seasons, but we grew, learned, and innovated through it all.

Then we had a dream. What if our church could make a large impact on a local scale? What if we could become not just one church, but a family of churches?

In January of 2016, we launched One Chapel Kyle. In February, we adopted a local church to become One Chapel Lake Travis. Now we have three campuses, and we're working towards 10 in the next 10 years. So we can better love our communities. So we can share the hope of Jesus.

The vision of One Chapel is rooted in helping people move from where they are to where God wants them to be. This happens among us as a church family with three simple words: Presence, Relationship, and Mission.


Believing God is present and active among us.


The way we focus on loving people well and practicing faith in our community.


The simple conviction to live out the Gospel by blessing, serving, mentoring, and sharing Jesus with others.


There are a few key words that explain the personality, culture, and really what makes One Chapel distinct. Each value is rooted in scripture and will help you understand what makes us unique as a local church multiple locations.


John 17:20-21


Jeremiah 29:7


Psalm 68:4-6


I Corinthians 12:12


Luke 15:4-9


Romans 12:1


Ephesians 4:15-16